About Me

I’m the fire that burns the brightest just before it turns into ashes;

I’m the flame that leaps the highest just before it fizzles out;

I’m the wave that hits the shore the hardest when it crashes…

There is so much to learn, think about and explore in this world that it would be unfair to stick to a single ideology or school of thought. That is why the name tag of my blog Chaat.Chai.Chatter is Random Musings.

There is no particular direction for this blog, so I will not make false promises and will not target any particular audience.

I write on anything when I feel like, and then it comes straight from the heart.

Currently working as a journalist in the gem of the desert, Dubai. Originally from Pakistan. Strong-headed, opinionated (grimace)… Nowadays, in love with new meanings given to old words, thanks to the Urban Dictionary.

Write to me on zoali2000@yahoo.com Follow me on Twitter @asmaalizain

With love…

Asma Ali Zain


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